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Sorry for not posting anything for such a long time. I really missed that time here. So happy to post again and of course bringing new pictures with me. This time I had the opportunity to work with a macro objective lens and a Nikon D80. I tried out a lot things with the perspective, light and shooting place. For this first picture I went outside and set up a the camera on a tripod. If you try to short the exposure time to really see the water drop that clear you have to have as much light as you can. That is why a sunny day outside is the best for it to have natural light. My exposure was 1/250 of a second with a aperture of f/5,6. Trying to get a blurry background with a clear waterdrop takes a long time. You really have to drop the waterdrop at the right place. For this shot I did around 400 others that turned out blurry sadly.

This time the waterdop was on his way back to the air. Waterdrops jump on the water interestingly. First they combine with the water and then a smaller waterdrop as the usual one jumps up to the air and this continues until the waterdrop is to small to jump again. Amazing, I think!

This time the waterdrop was on his way to combine with the water and next to it you can still see the smaller waterdrop from the last waterdrop. Hopefully I am not confusing you too much.

Different light was used on this one that is why it turned out so red. The cup was standing in a circle of lights and all weren’t natural professional ones.

I chose this one, because I liked the waves that circle around this drop.

Here are two more tries:

My next post will be about macro pictures on trees and smaler plants. Follow me to see them 🙂 Any questions or comments? Then feel free to comment or write , I am happy to hear of you!

Wall4Paper by Paul S.